Asango Schuster YogaAsango Christine Schuster

At an early age, I started searching for truth, for spirituality and for myself. During my early India journeys I was fortunate to meet and learn from both Osho and Krishnamurti in person. There, I intensively engaged with the teachings of Ramana Maharshi. At the age of 18 I was given the spiritual name Asango. Meeting Eckhard Tolle, one of the most famous spiritual teachers of our time, deeply touched and inspired me.

Meditation and yoga have been deep-rooted in my everyday life for a long time. I kept coming into contact with Indian music and spiritual chants again and again, which fascinated me profoundly, so that I started to learn playing the Indian harmonium.

I am initiated into the Kriya Yoga meditation technique in the line of Yogananda and Hariharananda since many years. I have been accompanying people as a naturopath (practitioner) and body therapist and have worked as a lecturer in self-awareness and meditation for over 35 years now. I have been active at various variety and cultural events for several years, in joint action with my partner Dirk Denzer. Currently, I am enthusiastically working on the Spirit Music and Seminar Project Jadoo

Dirk Denzer YogaDirk Denzer

I have been a successfully acting as a clown, a juggler, a musician, a presenter as well as a show producer for over 30 years now. My appearances and stage productions inspired almost 1 million people worldwide. In Germany, I became involved in the International Variety Festival that I founded in the district of Schweinfurt.

At the age of eight, I started practicing yoga, which intensifies more and more with my age. In 1987 I came across a yogi's autobiography from Paramahmsa Yogananda in a miraculous way. The study of this work inspired me for a significant deepening of my daily yoga practice. In 2009 I received the long-desired initiation into the sacred path of Kriya Yoga from the yoga teacher Peter van Breukelen (student of Paramahmsa Hariharananda). I have been devotedly practicing this path ever since. Currently, I am mainly devoting myself to my new Spirit Music and Seminar Project Jadoo