With over 4,000 visitors, Jadoo Ananda had their debut live concert in 2019 within the show "Spirit Dreams" as part of the Winter Festival Varieté in Fulda. Inspired by the unfailingly positive response from the audience, Dirk and Asango began to write their own songs and to create new interpretations of well-known mantras. Their joy in making music together and their devoted, loving practice finally built the cornerstone for their project Jadoo Ananda Spirit Music.

“We are a group that with a lot of joy and passion wants to enrich their own musical and spiritual paths by playing and singing their own songs and mantras. And we want to share this joy with you!"

Canan’s voice lets emotions flow. Her repertoire ranges from pop, soul, musical, gospel to spirit music. Not only is she a brilliant singer, but she also works successfully as a lecturer, presenter and speaker.

Homepage: www.canansemel.de

Asango is a naturopath healer and body therapist. Long-term study and meditation stays in India. Meditation course instructor. Self-taught at the harmonium.

Homepage: www.praxis-schuster.org

Head of “Dirk Denzer Performing Arts” passionate artist - presenter, entertainer, juggler, stage director, producer and musician.

Homepage: www.dirkdenzer.com

With her studio for rhythmic development in Schweinfurt, Petra inspires people in Germany and all over Europe who are enthusiastic about rhythm, but also culture fans and music lovers. In addition to her teaching activities, she offers various solo and ensemble programs in the area of African drumming, handpan performance and percussion.

Homepage: www.drum-experience.de

Sibylle has been working as a freelance musician, actress and teacher for 20 years. She composes instrumental music, chansons and theater music and sets poems to music. She enriches the timbres of Jadoo Ananda with her soulful cello playing as well as with her background singing.

Homepage: www.sibylle-friz.de